Hello, world!

I am Luke Pritchard


Name: Luke Pritchard

Profile: DevOps Engineer

Email: me@lpritchard.com

Phone: 0420 360 460


Automation 95%
Cloud technologies 80%
Front-end development 50%
Back-end development 70%
About me

Currently I am employed as a DevOps Consultant at AAM Group, Brisbane. Here I am responsible for providing, implementing and overseeing cloud infrastructure, continous integration and continous delivery, and information security.

Although I mainly focus on the operational side of technology, I am highly experienced in development practices and tools. My skills as a DevOps engineering complement my skills as a developer by allowing me to seemingly embed myself in development tribes when needed.

Outside of work you’ll often find me camping, 4x4ing, or developing my own web applications and services to further expand my portfolio


The areas of expertise I focus on


I have a passion for making things better performant, its an inner competition.


Projects are compliant to best practices and security standards.

Cost effective

Solutions I deliver are always optimized for cost, someone has the pay the bill.

Well architected

Solutions I design are fault-tollerant, loosely coupled and feedback controlled.


I design solutions to be simple and leverage servless technologies to keep things simple and performant.

Highly availability

My fondness of chaos engineering is a bit concerning, I like to break things and learn about it.


My certification and licenses held